Brand Story

LAYFRONT is a brand founded and run by women, established in Hong Kong in 2023. Our name is derived from the combination of "Layback" and "Front," which reflects our commitment to creating a relaxed atmosphere and fostering a positive attitude towards life.

Our primary focus is on redefining French Coquette women's intimates. We specialize in designing comfortable yet stylish home clothing to cater to the diverse needs of women, enabling them to gain sensory enjoyment and tactile comfort, thereby enhancing their lifestyle and happiness.

Our product range includes slip dress, sexy pajamas, french lingerie, 90s-inspired basic tops, under bust corset, bow tie stockings and socks, and finest accessories.I mmerse in the luxury of our sleepwear, crafted from exquisite fabrics. Each piece, whether it’s the elegance of lace or the comfort of pure cotton, is designed to pamper you. Experience the sophistication and comfort that makes every night a lavish affair.”

At LAYFRONT, our mission is not restricted to providing high-quality sleepwear; we also strive to empower women to express themselves fearlessly and be their true selves. We believe that every woman has the potential to be who they aspire to become, and our pajamas will accompany them through every beautiful moment, making Layfront an integral part of their confidence journey and enhancing their beauty.

Brand Story
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