Laundry Instruction

  • For slip dress, corset, lingerie we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and gentle agitation. Avoid dry cleaning and refrain from frequent washing unless necessary 
  • Cotton garments can be machine washed. Please choose the gentle mode to avoid deformation and damage to the clothes
  • Cotton and polyester fabrics may experience slight color bleeding and floating colors during the first wash. This is a normal phenomenon. We advice that you can add a small amount of salt during the first wash to help fix the color
  • Knitwear are recommended to be dry cleaned or washed by hand. After washing, please air dry naturally
  • Do not wring clothes forcefully after washing. Please place pajamas, corset, and lingerie in a cool and ventilated area to air dry naturally. Cotton tops and womenswear can be dried using a dryer
  • Except corset, all product can be ironed. Please use low-temperature mode
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